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제목   GAUSS V23 출시안내
등록일   2023-06-07 조회수   925
첨부파일   작성자   관리자
  • ■Access millions of global economic and financial data series with FRED and DBnomics integration.
  • ■Import data from any online source.
  • ■Aggregate, filter, sort, and transform FRED data series during import.
  • ■Search FRED series from GAUSS.
  • ■Smart data type detection figures out the variable type so you don't have to specify it manually.

  • ■Automatically detects nearly 40 popular date formats.

  • ■Automatic header and delimiter detection simplifies text file data loading.


  • ■No new code to learn, just use the .gdat file extension with loadd and saved to load and store your dataframes.
  • ■The new .gdat data file preserves data attributes, which means you'll never lose important data information again.
  • ■New kernel estimated variance-covariance matrix.
  • ■Up to 4x speed improvement.
  • ■Expanded model diagnostics including pseudo-R-squared, coefficient t-statistics and p-values, and degrees of freedom.
  • ■New procedure for computing Newey-West HAC robust standard errors.
  • ■All robust covariance procedures now include the option to turn off small sample corrections.
  • ■Expanded dataframe and formula string compatibility.
  • ■Estimate unknown probability density functions using 13 available kernels.
  • ■Use automatic bandwidth computation or supply custom bandwidths.
  • ■Automatic kernel density plots with easy-to-use options for customization.
  • ■Locate data falling within a range with the between function.
  • ■New where function provides a convenient and intuitive way to combine or modify data.
  • ■Explore sample symmetry and tails with skewness and kurtosis functions.
  • ■Test for normality using the new JarqueBera function.
  • ■Shift matrix columns and speed up data lags with the shiftc function.
  • ■Up to 10x speed-up and 50% decrease in memory usage for lag creation with shiftc and lagn.
  • ■Up to 2x speed-up (or more for large data) and 50% decrease in memory usage for missmissrv.
  • ■Up to 2x speed-up (or more for large data) and 50% decrease in memory usage for element-by-element mathematical (+, -, .*, ./), relational (.>, .<, .>=, .<=, .==, .!=) and logical (.and, .not, .or, .xor) operators.
  • ■Up to 100x speed-up for some cases with indsav.
  • ■Up to 40% speed-up for reclassify.
  • ■Up to 3x speed-up for loading Excel® files with loadd and the Data Import Window.
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